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Creative Office Building in Downtown Los Angeles

Offering traditional lease terms, furnished monthly offices and event locations.

Private Office Monthly Shared Office Event Venue

Creative Office Building in Downtown Los Angeles

Offering traditional lease terms, furnished monthly offices and event locations.

Private Office Monthly Shared Office Event Venue

Creative Office Building in Downtown Los Angeles

Offering traditional lease terms, furnished monthly offices and event locations.

Private Office Monthly Shared Office Event Venue

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Setup your New Small Business for Success in 2018

Startups are usually small businesses that are initially created and run by a small team of people with an idea to satisfy a specific need within the market. Startups usually have limited resources and due to this, they prefer having office space that is more economical. Although other workspace options such as working from home or in a coffee shop might work well for freelancers or the occasional "work from home" day, but for startups, these environments are not the best option.

An ideal workspace for startups is conducive to imagination, creativity, growth, and space to interact with one another as they hustle and learn to fulfill their clients' needs. A startup also cannot usually manage to have resources such as on-site IT support staff, but when you work in a co-working space, such expenses and resources are shared, making it very convenient and cost-effective.

Upscale Amenities & Resources

In Los Angeles, one of the key supporting features for a startup to thrive is to be based in a very good co-working space to get the support and resources they need to grow and serve their clients better. There are a number of co-working spaces in Los Angeles which are suitable for startups. The Collection ensures it is the best workspace in Los Angeles because of various factors such as their on-site IT support staff, creative architectural work-space design, and constant fiber connection to the Internet.

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Another element of the workspace that can be shared among various startups includes the conference and meeting rooms, which are conducive to holding professional meetings with various investors and clients of your startup. The shared office space in Los Angeles is also ideal because it is designed to give off a lot of natural light that provides individuals with the motivation and creativity to keep production high.

Cafe, Bar & Lounge Areas 

The shared office floor also includes a lounge and cafe/bar that can help you unwind, relax, and take a quick break in between all the hard work. The design of this floor encourages collaboration and interaction amongst the tenants to create a relaxed, yet social environment. 

Visit Our Beautiful Building

Visit us at The Collection in Downtown Los Angeles and see for yourself how our co-working spaces provide an innovative and collaborative environment along with all the necessary resources to get your startup off the ground and moving towards shining success.

10 Reasons The Collection is Perfect For Your Startup

Startups are newly-formed companies that aim to fulfill the needs of a specific audience by coming up with a viable product or service. A startup needs a nice, comfortable, and conducive workspace to ensure that they are able to grow and scale their business to become bigger, more profitable, and better serve the needs of their clients. There are numerous co-working spaces in Los Angeles, but ranking among the best and most modern shared work-spaces is at The Collection.

1. Located in the Soul of Downtown Los Angeles

The Collection is a creative office building which offers traditional long term lease options, as well as a full floor of shared office spaces with flexible monthly term options. It is an ideal place to host your startup because it is located in the soul of Downtown Los Angeles, a hustle and bustle environment that your company can thrive off of. The location allows for a startup to integrate itself within other businesses as they grow, build awareness, and improve the operations of the growing company.

2. Creative Office Space

The architectural design of The Collection is intended to inspire creativity and startups can leverage the space to come up with new and innovative ideas to successfully target a specific audience. The natural light of the space provides a bright and open atmosphere which is very conducive to productivity and inspiration.

3. Exclusive Private Offices

With 12 exclusive private offices and expansive lounge and café/bar area, the shared office floor was designed to create a high end experience.

Monthly members with a private office will have their company's name and dedicated suite number on their private office's glass door, and will be featured in the ground floor lobby directory, making them indistinguishable from The Collection's full-time tenants.

4. Expansive Lounge

There is an expansive lounge on the shared office floor that is utilized by everyone in the building. The building has a collection of creative and professional tenants in various industries, including, Architectural and Design, Digital Arts, Graphic Design, Real Estate, Film and Apparel. This creative mixture of industries has developed into a unique synergy, resulting in numerous networking events, inspiring gatherings, and successful collaboration among the tenants and members.

5. Membership Options

The startup space allows you to choose a tailor-made membership that includes virtual office, daily, monthly, and yearly package options.

6. Conference Rooms

There are various meeting and conference rooms at The Collection that are perfect for meetings and team collaboration.

7. Virtual Offices

The Collection offers virtual offices as an option depending on the customized membership you choose for an even more modern and high-tech workspace.

8. On-site IT Support

There is an on-site IT support staff which ensures that members and startup office space are assisted in all their IT needs so that you never have to worry about your progress being halted by technical issues.

9. High Functioning Network

There is a state of the art network in place in the shared workspace at Collection which features SOPHOS firewall protection, ensuring any chances of IT security issues coming up are very low.

10. Fiber Connection

The Internet connection utilizes fiber technology which has 10+ gigabyte speeds that ensure your Internet connection needs are always met and you are always online as you conduct your business.

To learn more about how The Collection in Downtown Los Angeles will help your startup grow and thrive, contact us today so you can get up and running!

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Strolling On 7th Street!

Some Fun Facts About Downtown Los Angeles History!

Work From Home vs. Shared Workspace

A persons own home is easily the best place where you would rather be at nearly all given times. Home helps you to relax, take things easy and just be yourself. You frame the rule of the game and you only, get to keep or break them. Life seems all set. No other place can provide the comfort and convenience that a home does. This is true, till you add another person to the equation or work requirements grow far more than your home can accommodate. In case of the latter, focusing on work becomes pivotal for the growth of the business, for it will set the tone for the future.

Working from home, is, in that respect, a little too comfortable. The environment and comfort of home can be counter-productive for all those who do not possess utmost self-control and concentration abilities, especially when there are other family members around (that can be very distracting). It is very casual, and not the place you’d have in mind to schedule a meeting with a potential client or a company employee.


For reasons mentioned, home may not be an ideal place for businesses and professionals who strive for fast growth. They need alternative options that are not too expensive, yet offer flexibility that a business requires. That is where shared office space or Coworking space come in. Some features of such offerings are listed below:

1.    An office at minimal cost: you need to have an office if you’re looking to build something big, for reasons including working, expansion, inviting clients et cetera. Investing in your own office, whether a purchase or a lease, can be a big ask, especially taking into consideration the first requirement – being economical. A shared office space or co-working space gives you the benefit of all office features, for a comparatively miniscule cost.

Work From Home vs. Shared Workspace

2.    Flexibility & easy hours: booking your office space can extremely easy, courtesy of online booking and mobile application. You can also control beforehand how long you’d like to stay in the office, and pay for it accordingly. You can book MONTHLY, DAILY OR HOURLY as per requirement. That way you can balance your time between the professional and personal realms of life.

3.    No distractions: here’s one huge selling point of shared or co-working space. They may be flexible and convenient, but that isn’t at the expense of professionalism. You can get some serious work done, in an environment meant to stimulate and boost productivity, and also retain vital privacy and discreetness.

4.    Expanding network: you are guaranteed to come across several people in the same boat as you are, and those people are the ones with whom you can discuss and debate new ideas, propose or enter into a collaboration, or, at the very least, expand your network with those who understand your needs, your ideas and your vision, having been there themselves.

If you are looking for a shared office space in Los Angeles, come join us here at The Collection! It ticks all the boxes and working there can have a positive impact on your business. Happy Coworking.

The Collection 527 Press Release

The Collection Building in Downtown LA Announces the Opening of Their 9th Floor Flexible, Shared Workspaces and Event Location, Featuring Exclusive Monthly Private Offices

LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Collection (http://www.thecollection527.com/), a 13-story creative office building in the Financial District of downtown Los Angeles, located in the heart of Restaurant Row at the corner of W. 7th St. & Grand Ave, announces the opening of its flexible workspace and event location on the 9th floor. The building was originally built in 1913 and has been beautifully renovated over the last five years, becoming one of the most desirable buildings in downtown LA. The 9th floor private offices and shared workspaces are expected to generate comparable demand.

"Co-working and enterprise mobility are redefining the way we work," says Chris Ortman, co-founder and building manager of The Collection. "With the rapid growth of these mobile, 21st-century workforces, we decided a flex space was the perfect addition to The Collection. The space was custom-designed to accommodate the dynamic needs of entrepreneurs, freelancers and established enterprises. Existing tenants looking to grow their staff or host networking events can also leverage the new space."

Private offices and meeting rooms on the 9th floor are available to rent on daily or monthly terms. Each office is indeed private, with opaque and sturdy dividing walls. Ninth-floor members with a private office will have their company's name and dedicated suite number on their private office's glass door, and will be featured in the ground floor lobby directory, making them indistinguishable from The Collection's full-time tenants. For startups especially, this perk lends an air of stability that's invaluable in the early days of a new venture. Underneath The Collection's bold, elegant interior design is cutting-edge technology, including a direct fiber connection to the Internet backbone supplying speeds of 10-plus Gbps.

The Collection 527 Press Release

The new space is both functionally and formally integrated with the rest of the building. Centrally located on the 9th floor is a lounge and café/bar area open to all tenants and members who need a relaxing moment away, or a casual meeting with a colleague. Free specialty brewed coffee (espresso, cappuccino, latté, etc.), cold brew coffee and tea are always on tap. "With only 12 exclusive private offices, we focus on 'hospitality,'" adds Ortman, "and provide high-end amenities that are above and beyond those of our competitors, including access to the building's private roof-top lounge and outdoor deck."

Current tenants of The Collection represent leaders and innovators from a wide range of creative, dynamic industries, including interior design, architecture, digital art and graphic design, film and fashion, and real estate. As such, the 9th floor flexible workspace has been engineered with collaboration in mind. Already, tenants have staged successful events and parties that demonstrate the synergistic power of people working together in great spaces.

Downtown Los Angeles is undergoing a renaissance, with new businesses springing up regularly. The Collection is ideally situated at the epicenter of this action — and the 9th floor flexible workspace takes the building to the next level.

About The Collection

The Collection is a beautifully restored, historic, creative office building in the Financial District of downtown Los Angeles, located in the heart of Restaurant Row at the corner of West 7th St. and Grand Ave. The Collection offers conventional leases, executive suites, co-working space, monthly private offices, flexible workstation rental, meeting rooms and satellite offices. The 9th floor also features a 3,000-square-foot event location, perfect for networking and corporate events, parties, pop-up showrooms, conferences, seminars, etc.

Welcome to the Collection AT 527 WEST 7TH ST. Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90014